Well  some changes coming up for The Signs, 

Big Al Leaving 

Sadly, after 11 years of drumming with The Signs, Big Alan Kinsman has decided to call it a day and move onto other things.  On behalf of all of us in The Signs..... Big Al...we are all going to miss you. Al you have  been not only a rock steady drummer but a great friend to all of us and done us proud over the years.  We have all got used to your obsession with spread sheets (read anorak) on how many times we have gigged particular songs, the registration numbers and mileage of vans we have hired and the distance and routes we have taken ( how sad is this).  We also got used to your  strange approach to 4/4 timing sometimes it was really 3.97/4 timing (joking)................. ever stoic, Big Al was and remains one of the easiest going guys ever to work in a band, a great sense of humour, an impressive work ethic, unphased by anything and its been a joy to work with him and be in his company for the past  11 years. We all wish you well for the future and we know you will still be around , keep in touch, and have a we bash on the drums with us when the occasion arises.   Once more and with feeling,            Al, WE ARE ALL GOING TO MISS YOU 

Big Al has decided that he will finish up playing with the band in mid November so will continue to rehearse and play out and honour all the gigs in the diary until then, when his replacement steps behind the kit.   Big Als replacement will be announced in about 3 minutes 


The Return 

Changes in the bands line up always generate mixed emotions. Whilst we are saddened by Big Als departure after 11 years of stalwart service. We are chuffed to bits at the return after 11 years of David Spence who will be taking his rightful place behind the kit. Its the same kit, which makes the drums the third most longstanding member of the band..........A huge Welcome back David from all the guys, we are all looking forward to working with you and all the old banter. 

Young master Spence was our original drummer in The Signs and has been persuaded to come out of retirement and keep us in check during gigs.  As a band we are truly fortunate in that we have the other easiest going drummer on the circuit coming back to play with us. David brings with him a great sense of humour, as tight as you like timing, brilliant vocals and a really good recipe for cheesecake. 

A huge Welcome back David from all the guys, we are all looking forward to working with you and all the old banter

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